Secrets To Building Cashflow With Mortgage Notes With Fred Moskowitz

ICWI Fred | Mortgage Notes

Real estate has since taken different spaces and if you are looking for one with a predictable cash flow and endless possibilities to scale, take Notes! Like literally. In this episode, we learn more about building cashflow with mortgage notes. Bestselling author and educator Fred Moskowitz brings us a full pint of insights on everything you need to know within the note investing arena and tips on what to consider before you put your signature…

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How A Doctor Scales From Multifamily To Commercial Real Estate Syndications With Harry Nima Zegarra, MD

ICWI Harry Nima Zeggra | Real Estate Syndication

One of the great things about real estate is how it provides you an avenue to generate income on the side while still working on other things. For our guest in this episode, that happens to be working as a doctor. And he found his second passion in real estate. Join Matt Fore as he interviews Harry Nima Zegarra, MD about going into real estate while working in medicine. Harry is a critical care and pulmonary medicine…

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Achieving The Freedoms Financial Independence Can Provide Through Real Estate With Amy Sylvis

ICWI Amy Sylvis | Financial Freedom

  There are obstacles that everyone has to deal with at any moment in our lives, even taking the journey in real estate investing. For our guest in this episode, health became a considerable factor that almost kept her from achieving financial independence. Inspiringly, she never ever gave up. Matt Fore is with the founder of Sylvis Capital, Amy Sylvis. Amy shares her story about how she disallowed her health condition to stop her from…

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Asset Protection For Real Estate Investors With Clint Coons

  As a real estate investor, you should understand asset protection as much as possible because no matter how much you make or how many properties you have, a lawsuit is stressful when you have to deal with it. Join your host Matt Fore as he dives deep into a conversation with Clint Coons about real estate investing and protecting your assets. Clint shares a practical approach and best practices in setting up your business…

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Creative Finance: Buying Real Estate On Your Terms With Chris Prefontaine

ICWI Chris | Creative Finance

  In today’s economy, many people find it difficult to purchase a home outright. As hundreds of thousands of people leave corporate America to start their dream businesses, traditional financing methods like banks give them a hard time accessing loans to buy properties. Having been through several real estate cycles, Chris Prefontaine understands the challenges of these businesses and helps students navigate the constantly changing real estate waters. Chris is a three-time best-selling author of…

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