The Scoop

Ice Cream with Investors was built on the idea that personal growth directly correlates to financial growth. Whether you want to cultivate wealth or well-being, the first step is reframing your mind.

On our weekly podcast, we sit down with successful investors to learn how they strengthen their mindset muscles and make their money go to work for them. We help our listeners gain confidence, nix negative thinking and drive life-long change through alternative investments.

Because in a world that’s more pessimistic than not, it’s up to us to seek out the good. And what’s more feel-good than ice cream?

About Matt

I’m a son, friend, triathlete and investor. I founded ICWI to help others identify and remove the hurdles keeping them from personal and financial success. Through educational content and thought-provoking conversation, my goal is to help you create income streams so that you can live a more intentional life.

I’ve spent the past decade building a sales and leadership career at some of the largest tech companies in the world. In 2015, I was supposed to receive a life-changing commission check.

I went down the investment rabbit hole in search of how to get the most bang for these bucks. But the week before Christmas, I was told I would only make pennies on the dollar of the money I’d earned.


Right then, I decided to take back control and find financial security outside of a job—that’s when my work really began. Some people make lemonade out of lemons. I decided there was no use crying over spilled milk and made ice cream instead.

My Investment Thesis

I pursue passive participation in cash-flowing real estate assets that appreciate over time and help legally reduce my tax burden. Sure, I could earn greater returns as an active investor. But between my career, Ironman triathlons and, you know, life, I just don’t have the time.

My Mission

Through education and empowerment, we can all bulldoze the mental blocks that prohibit our success. ICWI is a community and resource hub that facilitates space for investors to learn from each other and grow exponentially together.

My Vision

We can only explore our full potential once our basic needs are met. I’m here to serve others as they learn to secure and surpass their financial needs through passive income streams; in turn, they can show up more intentionally for their kids, career, relationships and themselves.


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