ICWI Amy Sylvis | Financial Freedom

Achieving The Freedoms Financial Independence Can Provide Through Real Estate With Amy Sylvis

By Matt Fore | August 15, 2022

  There are obstacles that everyone has to deal with at any moment in our lives, even taking the journey in real estate investing. For our guest in this episode, health became a considerable factor that almost kept her from…

Asset Protection For Real Estate Investors With Clint Coons

By Matt Fore | August 8, 2022

  As a real estate investor, you should understand asset protection as much as possible because no matter how much you make or how many properties you have, a lawsuit is stressful when you have to deal with it. Join…

ICWI Chris | Creative Finance

Creative Finance: Buying Real Estate On Your Terms With Chris Prefontaine

By Matt Fore | August 1, 2022

  In today’s economy, many people find it difficult to purchase a home outright. As hundreds of thousands of people leave corporate America to start their dream businesses, traditional financing methods like banks give them a hard time accessing loans…

Pay Now, Play Later: Why Delayed Gratification Is Key To Achieving Financial Independence With The Finance Cowboy JD Sustar

By Matt Fore | July 25, 2022

  Don’t lose hope because financial independence is very much attainable if you have the proper discipline. Let’s dive deep into this episode as Finance Cowboy JD Sustar discusses what it really means to pay now and then play later.…

4 Pillars To Win In Short Term Rentals… And The Regulations You Need To Consider With Culin Tate

By Matt Fore | July 18, 2022

  How do you turn your short term rentals into a profitable part of your investment portfolio? In this episode of Ice Cream with Investors, Culin Tate, owner and host of 9 Airbnb properties, Airbnb Ambassador, short-term rental coach, author…

Capital Raising For Investors: Taking The Game To The Next Level With Marcin Drozdz

By Matt Fore | July 11, 2022

  Setting a goal is the first step to achieving it, but it’s not the only step. It would be best if you also took consistent daily action to move closer to your goal. That is what our guest, Marcin…

Maximizing Your RSU Stock Options, Wealth Management And Estate Planning With Aaron Rubin

By Matt Fore | July 4, 2022

  You’ve probably heard about stock options and RSU, but what are they really, and is it better to take RSU or stock options? Today, Aaron Rubin from WRP Wealth Management, does a deep dive into the matter. Aaron specializes…

How To Survive A Recession And Bounce Back From A $50M Loss With Rod Khleif

By Matt Fore | June 27, 2022

  The market goes through cycles and where we’re headed is not looking too good for business owners and investors who don’t know what they’re doing. Here to share how he bounced back from $50M loss and amass even greater…

Risk Management Solutions With Clay Ogden

By Matt Fore | June 20, 2022

One risk management solution you can do is to set your excess dollars aside and put them into an 831(b). This money is to ensure for risks that are uninsurable and unforeseen types of events. Especially now with the pandemic,…