How To Eliminate Tax Burdens: Advanced Tax Strategies With Mark Myers

ICWI Mark | Advanced Tax Strategies

How much are you keeping for every dollar you make? Taxes can become the bane of your financial existence, especially if you don’t know how to handle and navigate them. Here to share advanced tax strategies to help reduce or even eliminate your tax burdens is Mark Myers. Mark is the Founder of Peak Profit Solutions, helping thousands of individuals increase profit and permanently reduce their annual tax bills to better grow their business and…

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Risk Management Solutions With Clay Ogden

One risk management solution you can do is to set your excess dollars aside and put them into an 831(b). This money is to ensure for risks that are uninsurable and unforeseen types of events. Especially now with the pandemic, businesses need to be smart with their insurance. You don’t know what can happen. Someone can fall ill and it can take a huge toll on your business. Join Matt Fore as he talks to…

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