RPI Education: Building Wealth And A Life Of Freedom Through Real Estate Investment With Monika Jazyk

ICWI Monika Jazyk | RPI Education

  Real estate is the number one asset class to build long-term wealth. You don’t need to go big to win in real estate. In this episode, Monika Jazyk, the Founder of RPI Education, shares her insight to help us build a life of freedom through wealth building in the real estate industry. As a real estate investor and wealth-builder, she shares her passive investing portfolio and the misconception that most active real estate investors…

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Transitioning From Corporate Attorney To Full-Time Real Estate Investor With Clive Davis

ICWI Clive Davis | Real Estate Investor

  At some point in our careers, we realize that we’re just not cut out for the 9-to-5 corporate grind anymore. We want out of the rat race and seek to pursue our passions and gain more freedom and control of our lives. After 20 years of being a corporate attorney, Clive Davis decided to combine his passion and interest in real estate with entrepreneurship. Now, he is the founder of the multifamily syndication group Park Royal Capital.…

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