Transitioning From Corporate Attorney To Full-Time Real Estate Investor With Clive Davis

ICWI Clive Davis | Real Estate Investor

  At some point in our careers, we realize that we’re just not cut out for the 9-to-5 corporate grind anymore. We want out of the rat race and seek to pursue our passions and gain more freedom and control of our lives. After 20 years of being a corporate attorney, Clive Davis decided to combine his passion and interest in real estate with entrepreneurship. Now, he is the founder of the multifamily syndication group Park Royal Capital.…

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Student Housing: When To Build Or Buy With Justin Smith

ICWI Justin Smith | Student Housing

There are more ways to diversify when investing in the multifamily class. If you’re looking for the right flavor to dip your investments into or are looking to add more sprinkles, this is the episode for you. Joining Matt Fore is the Founder of Relequity Enterprises, Justin Smith, to talk about an asset class that not a lot of investors have caught on. Justin brings a sugar cone-full of insights into student housing and shares…

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Achieving The Freedoms Financial Independence Can Provide Through Real Estate With Amy Sylvis

ICWI Amy Sylvis | Financial Freedom

  There are obstacles that everyone has to deal with at any moment in our lives, even taking the journey in real estate investing. For our guest in this episode, health became a considerable factor that almost kept her from achieving financial independence. Inspiringly, she never ever gave up. Matt Fore is with the founder of Sylvis Capital, Amy Sylvis. Amy shares her story about how she disallowed her health condition to stop her from…

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How To Survive A Recession And Bounce Back From A $50M Loss With Rod Khleif

  The market goes through cycles and where we’re headed is not looking too good for business owners and investors who don’t know what they’re doing. Here to share how he bounced back from $50M loss and amass even greater financial success is Rod Khleif. Rod is a multiple business owner, philanthropist, and top real estate investor and performance coach. He is also the podcast host of Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing. In…

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