Transitioning From Corporate Attorney To Full-Time Real Estate Investor With Clive Davis

ICWI Clive Davis | Real Estate Investor

  At some point in our careers, we realize that we’re just not cut out for the 9-to-5 corporate grind anymore. We want out of the rat race and seek to pursue our passions and gain more freedom and control of our lives. After 20 years of being a corporate attorney, Clive Davis decided to combine his passion and interest in real estate with entrepreneurship. Now, he is the founder of the multifamily syndication group Park Royal Capital.…

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How A Doctor Scales From Multifamily To Commercial Real Estate Syndications With Harry Nima Zegarra, MD

ICWI Harry Nima Zeggra | Real Estate Syndication

One of the great things about real estate is how it provides you an avenue to generate income on the side while still working on other things. For our guest in this episode, that happens to be working as a doctor. And he found his second passion in real estate. Join Matt Fore as he interviews Harry Nima Zegarra, MD about going into real estate while working in medicine. Harry is a critical care and pulmonary medicine…

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