Build To Rent: Short-Term Rental Development With Alex Jarbo

ICWI Alex Jarbo | Short Term Rental

  When people hear short-term rentals, they typically think of Airbnb and stuff like that. But there is one side of short-term rentals that isn’t talked as often. We are referring to short-term rental development. It’s a build-to-rent model that works perfectly for spots where people are regularly taking vacations to. This is where Alex Jarbo excels. He specializes in building stuff like tree houses, log cabins, A-frames, cottages and chalets. Whatever it is you’re…

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4 Pillars To Win In Short Term Rentals… And The Regulations You Need To Consider With Culin Tate

  How do you turn your short term rentals into a profitable part of your investment portfolio? In this episode of Ice Cream with Investors, Culin Tate, owner and host of 9 Airbnb properties, Airbnb Ambassador, short-term rental coach, author of Host Coach, and speaker, talks more about the regulations that you need to consider before investing in short-term rentals. He also shares tips on how little touches can go a long way to making…

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