Vertically Integrating your Real Estate Business with Chris Grenzig

Grab your favorite bowl of Cookie Dough ice cream and tune in as Chris teaches us about the value of vertically integrating your real estate investments.


Book Recommendations:

Essentialism – Greg McKeown

Guest Biography:

Chris Grenzig is the Founder of JAG Communities which is a vertically integrated multifamily focused investment firm based in Jacksonville, FL. Chris started investing in real estate in 2016 by attempting to flip houses in Long Island, NY. After months of failing, he attempted out of state flips, purchasing tax deeds, and finally found his footing in multifamily – joining Toro Real Estate Partners as their head of Florida operations. While at Toro, he purchased 4000 units worth $300 mil, with 1000 units in Florida over 4 and half years.

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