How To Be An Elite Real Estate Investor With Beau Beery

What’s the difference between an elite real estate investor and a regular investor? Multifamily real estate advisor Beau Beery has the answer. Beau was ranked as the #1 multifamily producer in Florida and among the Top 5 in the nation every year before starting his own private multifamily brokerage firm in 2021. Beau is also the author of Multifamily Investors Who Dominate: An Inside Look At How Elite Investors Transact. In this episode, he chats with Matt Fore about his real estate journey with lessons on how to become an elite investor in the space and tips on how to systematize your relationship-building and sales processes for better results. Beau also shares the value of having a mentor as a partner, when to re-trade, and how Youtube can be a helpful platform for you and your customer. Don’t miss out on these golden nuggets that will help elevate your investing game.

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