Building Better: Tech, Tools, And Strategies To Developing Real Estate Projects And Navigating Through Challenges With Ahmed Seirafi

Real estate is a complex and ever-changing

industry, and building better requires more than just transactions. It’s about

embracing the bid process, leveraging specialized tools and technology, and

navigating the challenges of decision-makers who may not fully understand the

process. In this episode, Ahmed Seirafi, founder of Ahmed Builds

Better, shares how to bring passive and active real estate dreams to life. He

shares his real estate journey and how he discovered the value of the bid

process, long developmental process, and more. Ahmed also shares the tools,

tech, and strategies he learned along the way that can help navigate through

the challenges in real estate. Ahmed shares that with the right mindset,

knowledge, and tools, we can achieve our real estate goals, reach financial

freedom, and build everything better. Tune in now and learn how you can build

better, too.


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