Asset Protection For Real Estate Investors With Clint Coons

As a real estate investor, you should understand asset protection as much as

possible because no matter how much you make or how many properties you have, a

lawsuit is stressful when you have to deal with it. Join your host Matt Fore as

he dives deep into a conversation with Clint Coons

about real estate investing and protecting your assets. Clint shares a

practical approach and best practices in setting up your business for estate

planning and passing that down to your heirs. His strategies have evolved, and

in this episode, he explains them in detail so you can start taking that step

in ensuring your future is protected. Is there a difference between insurance

and asset protection? Listen to find out and learn more about IRA and qualified

retirement plan investing strategies.



Coons is one of the founding partners of Anderson Business Advisors, a real

estate investor, and the author of Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors.

Clint brings a fresh approach to utilizing the law to protect investors and

lower their taxes. One of the things I love about Clint is his ability to take

a complicated law or structure and explain it in crystal clear terms. This,

combined with his dynamic speaking, has made him one of my favorite educators

in the real estate space. Today we are going to dig into the best way to

structure your assets to not only protect you but to help you grow. 



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