Always Forward Never Straight – Jonathan DeYoe

Financial planning is not about money and the real benefits of financial planning are not financial. Financial planning is about building futures, protecting families, creating legacies and encouraging clients to pursue their passions. Jonathan does his best work in the place where love and money overlap.

Guest Bio

Jonathan DeYoe is an author of the book Mindful money and has led an independent financial planning firm since 2002 where he and his team work one on one with over three hundred families and foundations. He has managed investments at a variety of Wall Street

companies before founding his own financial planning firm. He’s been a contributor on personal finance matters for the Huffington Post and Business Insider and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times

Guest Links

Twitter: MindfulMoney_Ed

Facebook: @MindfulMoneyPlan

Instagram: @MindfulMoneyPlan

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