ICWI Alex Jarbo | Short Term Rental

Build To Rent: Short-Term Rental Development With Alex Jarbo

By Matt Fore | January 16, 2023

  When people hear short-term rentals, they typically think of Airbnb and stuff like that. But there is one side of short-term rentals that isn’t talked as often. We are referring to short-term rental development. It’s a build-to-rent model that…

ICWI Matt Picheny | Real Estate

Backstage Guide To Real Estate: Keystone Concepts To Success With Matt Picheny

By Matt Fore | January 9, 2023

  A failed company. A Robert Kiyosaki book. Hamilton’s My Shot. All of these combined to create Matt Picheny’s success in real estate. With the challenges and the right motivation, he stumbled into real estate investing and the path to…

ICWI joe DiSanto | Play It Louder

Play It Louder: With Joe DiSanto

By Matt Fore | January 2, 2023

  “You should treat your personal financial life like a business.” That is what Joe DiSanto, creator of Play It Louder, has to say to all real estate investors out there. A fractional CPA, Joe helps investors automate their bookkeeping…

ICWI Ryan Niddel | Business Scaling

Customer Focus, Foundation Building, And Other Proven Business Scaling Strategies With Ryan Niddel

By Matt Fore | December 26, 2022

  Are you a startup entrepreneur who wants real tips and strategies on business scaling? Then this episode is for you! Our host Matt Fore engages in an insightful conversation with CEO, board member, and entrepreneur Ryan Niddel. Together, they talk…

ICWI Andy McMullen | Build To Rent

From Potentials To Risks: Understanding The Build To Rent Market With Andy McMullen

By Matt Fore | December 19, 2022

The Build to Rent sector is still in its early years, and yet more and more people want to get involved. What can you gain from jumping into this space? Why is this attracting a very specific niche? And most…

ICWI Monika Jazyk | RPI Education

RPI Education: Building Wealth And A Life Of Freedom Through Real Estate Investment With Monika Jazyk

By Matt Fore | December 12, 2022

  Real estate is the number one asset class to build long-term wealth. You don’t need to go big to win in real estate. In this episode, Monika Jazyk, the Founder of RPI Education, shares her insight to help us…

ICWI Paul Neal | Lending Market

Opportunities In The 2023 Lending Market With Paul Neal

By Matt Fore | December 5, 2022

  With the 2022 recession, what will the lending market in 2023 look like? Are banks going to be more conservative? Is now a great time to be looking for opportunities? Should you start selling your business?  Join Matt Fore…

ICWI Xiao Ou Yuan | Tax Increment Financing

What The TIF With Xiao Ou Yuan

By Matt Fore | November 28, 2022

  A TIF or Tax Increment Financing is a very powerful municipal tool that can encourage economic development. If there is unimproved land that has potential, the municipality can put a TIF on it. They are allowing developers to capture…

ICWI Lauren Hardy | Real Estate

Strong Teams, Big Leads, And More: The Next Level Strategies To Thrive In Real Estate With Lauren Hardy

By Matt Fore | November 21, 2022

  Want to learn how to efficiently find leads, build a strong team and powerful network, and know how to thrive in where the market is going in the near future? Then this episode is for you! Join us as Lauren…