The Holistic Wealth Formula: How To Build Wealth Like The Top 1% With Dave Wolcott

ICWI | Holistic Wealth

  Building wealth is an art form, and there’s no one way to do it. It requires creative thinking, adaptability, and a willingness to challenge traditional financial planning advice. In this episode, Dave Wolcott, founder of Pantheon Investments, reveals the formula to holistic wealth. Frustrated with traditional financial planning advice, Dave set out to discover how the top 1% build their wealth. He shares his journey and the lessons he learned along the way, including…

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Building Better: Tech, Tools, And Strategies To Developing Real Estate Projects And Navigating Through Challenges With Ahmed Seirafi

ICWI Ahmed Seirafi | Building Better

  Real estate is a complex and ever-changing industry, and building better requires more than just transactions. It’s about embracing the bid process, leveraging specialized tools and technology, and navigating the challenges of decision-makers who may not fully understand the process. In this episode, Ahmed Seirafi, founder of Ahmed Builds Better, shares how to bring passive and active real estate dreams to life. He shares his real estate journey and how he discovered the value…

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Why You Should Turn Your Property Tenants Into Investors With Daniel Dorfman

ICWI Daniel Dorfman | Property Tenants

  Cash flow in rental homes is typically hampered by high turnover costs. But instead of simply finding property tenants to fill your available spaces, why not invite them to invest? This is exactly what Daniel Dorfman is doing through Invest With Roots. Joining Matt Fore, he explains how they bridge the gap between renting and owning by making tenants invest side by side with them, essentially turning them into business partners. Daniel also explains…

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Using Data Visualization To Grow Your NOI With Kevin Shtofman From Cherre

ICWI Kevin Shtofman | Data Visualization

  Data is not just a bonus nowadays, it’s a crucial factor needed in every decision-making. This applies especially to purchasing property and growing your real estate business. In this episode, we have Kevin Shtofman, global head of innovation for a data analytics platform called Cherre, to tell us how to use data visualization to grow your income! Kevin discusses how data plays a huge role when making decisions in the real estate industry. Kevin…

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Think And Grow You With Chris Felton

ICWI Chris Felton | Think And Grow You

  Chris Felton, our beloved best-selling author and 7-figure entrepreneur, is back for more! In this episode, Chris discusses the launch of his new book, Think And Grow You. If you’re stuck in a life of fear and doubt, this episode and book will show you how to break free. It’s time for you to think and grow YOU! You’ll never be “ready enough” to take control of your life and reach your full potential.…

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