What The TIF With Xiao Ou Yuan

ICWI Xiao Ou Yuan | Tax Increment Financing

  A TIF or Tax Increment Financing is a very powerful municipal tool that can encourage economic development. If there is unimproved land that has potential, the municipality can put a TIF on it. They are allowing developers to capture future increment taxes and borrow money against that increment. So some properties may have never existed if it weren’t for TIF. Join Matt Fore as he talks to the Managing Director at Hageman Capital, Xiao…

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Strong Teams, Big Leads, And More: The Next Level Strategies To Thrive In Real Estate With Lauren Hardy

ICWI Lauren Hardy | Real Estate

  Want to learn how to efficiently find leads, build a strong team and powerful network, and know how to thrive in where the market is going in the near future? Then this episode is for you! Join us as Lauren Hardy shares her real estate journey, the full flipping and wholesaling experience, and the valuable lessons and factors she learned that contribute to real success in the industry. Lauren is the Founder of TMF Real…

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Happy Camper Capital: Investing In RV Parks With Don Spafford

ICWI Don Spafford | RV Parks

The rising inclination toward outdoor recreation, such as camping, sports, and tourism, is poised to drive market growth for RV parks. As such, it can be a perfect space to start investing. In this episode, Don Spafford from Happy Camper Capital shares his wisdom on investing in RV parks. Some investors that may not want to invest in other types of real estate but would invest in campgrounds. Don tells is why this is the…

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The Banking Equation That Will Build Your Wealth Exponentially With Vance Lowe

ICWI Vance Lowe | Infinite Banking

  If you think the only way to grow your wealth is by investing and saving, then you’re missing out. Here to introduce the banking equation to building your wealth is Vance Lowe. Vance is a Certified IBC Practitioner and the CEO of Private Banking Strategies. With 40 years in the financial industry, Vance has accumulated extensive knowledge in the financial arena, which he now shares with as many people as possible. He joins Matt…

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Transitioning From Corporate Attorney To Full-Time Real Estate Investor With Clive Davis

ICWI Clive Davis | Real Estate Investor

  At some point in our careers, we realize that we’re just not cut out for the 9-to-5 corporate grind anymore. We want out of the rat race and seek to pursue our passions and gain more freedom and control of our lives. After 20 years of being a corporate attorney, Clive Davis decided to combine his passion and interest in real estate with entrepreneurship. Now, he is the founder of the multifamily syndication group Park Royal Capital.…

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